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We are passionate about Intellectual Property! Why? Because to us it is exciting, fascinating, the unsung hero of business assets. IP needs to be identified, nurtured and made to work as a valuable part of a business portfolio. That’s what we do.

Technology inspires us, from envelopes and aircraft parts to gynaecological tools and gene sequences. Be it a simple idea, a good-looking trade mark or a crucial contract, we will be right there by your side. We work as hard for you as if your intellectual property was ours, and we make the IP work harder. If you ask us for an opinion, that is what you will get. An opinion that is clear, sets out your options and provides you with the path forward that we think best fits your business. Our driver is to see you and your enterprise succeed, not how much we can charge you for a moment of quiet reflection.

As a matter of principle, we care about a client’s business and get deeply involved with it. We believe that our philosophy of deep commitment makes us very different from typical IP firms. Our clients think of us more as business partners rather than an IP service; we take that much responsibility for the effectiveness of any decisions or investment. We work hard to provide the tools you need to build a strong and effective IP portfolio and this flexibility explains the wide diversity of skills and expertise we have developed to address specific areas of clients’ IP needs. The result is a business dedicated to providing value, as opposed to dry legal advice with little accountability.

Why not give us a call? We believe we have a lot to offer.

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